Noir Labs was created as a hub to create innovative audio plugins.

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For all inquiries please email:


Do your plugins work with all DAWs?


Unfortunately not. All of our plugins are Max for Live.  They only work in Ableton 10/11 Suite or Standard with a Max for Live license.  

I purchased one of your plugins, but didn’t receive an update email. How do I download a new update?


Please email with your order receipt and we’ll make sure you get it.

The plugin doesn't show up in Ableton, what’s wrong?


This can happen for a number of reasons.

Please make sure the files are in the correct Max for Live folder.
Please make sure you have Ableton Suite or access to Max for Live. If you don’t, they won’t show up.

If you can’t get it to show, email and we will be happy to help.

I want to become a Noir Labs affiliate. Who should I contact?


Anyone looking to spread the word about Noir Labs, and make some money in the meantime is welcome to contact us about becoming an affiliate.

Email to learn more.

Do you offer refunds?


We do not offer refunds at this time.

I can’t solve my problems on my own. I need help!


If you’ve read the FAQ and still haven’t figured a solution to your problem please email

Volume Buddy

“I adjust the gain at the start of every channel, why does Volume Buddy always compensate for it?”


There are two ways to handle this.

1. You can forgo the gain adjustment at the beginning of the chain by using the gain offset control within Volume Buddy.  Set this to the amount you wish to adjust by and Volume Buddy will treat the signal accordingly. 

2. If you wish to still adjust the gain at the beginning of a chain to lower the signal going into your effects you can offset this by having the gain offset in Volume Buddy match the gain adjustment. 

For example, if the signal is adjusted to -5db at the beginning of chain, have the Volume Buddy gain offset also -5db.  This way the calculated volume will be treated as 0db.  Any changes outside of that will be compensated for.

How do I make Volume Buddy only compensate for specific plugins and not all plugins on a channel?


Group only the plugins you wish Volume Buddy to compensate for while keeping Volume Buddy as the last plugin within that group.  Volume Buddy will now ignore all changes in volume that occurs outside of the group.

“I can’t use this plugin when playing live, Volume Buddy doesn’t work”


LUFS is a measurement over time - it’s not an instantaneous measurement.  Therefore expecting it to react immediately is not something possible with this metering system.

If the calculation is too quick, then it produces incorrect values.  If the calculation is too slow, then it becomes a workflow hindrance. Volume Buddy’s calculation is one of the fastest out there and is always being improved upon.  It’s intended as a mixing tool, not a live tool.

“I use a lot of distortion and Volume Buddy makes things sound bad”


Volume Buddy doesn’t change the sound, it just reveals how loudness is affecting your perception of the sound. If it sounds bad then the effect is not benefiting the audio the way you thought!

There is a delay between A/Bing sounds.


Delay Compensation needs to be turned on in Ableton. 

Volume Buddy looses the calculated volume when I reload the project file.


When using Volume Buddy, please make sure to enable to hold button when the compensation has been calculated and you are done adjusting the effects going into Volume Buddy. This will maintain the compensation at the calculated level and restore it upon reload.


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