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Volume Buddy



A game changing LUFS auto-gain plugin.





All in One

Remove Volume Bias

Game Changing

Never before has there been an LUFS gain matching utility within one plugin. Volume Buddy automatically routes the pre and post FX audio inside one instance allowing you to work quickly without losing any accuracy.

LUFS measures how our ears perceive sound and makes for an efficient measurement in eliminating volume bias from your mixing. It only takes a .2db difference in volume for us to falsely think something sounds better. With Volume Buddy, hear what the effect is doing, not how loud it's making it.

Volume Buddy automatically gain matches the pre effected volume to the post effected volume with incredible speed. Reducing the need to manually and inaccurately gain stage, your mixing game just got majorly stepped up.

  • The only volume compensation plugin to do all routing within one plugin. It's no longer necessary for a send and receive pair of plugins.
  • Gain stages in LUFS measurements for extreme perceived volume accuracy
  • Target Mode allows you to specify a specific LUFS level you want Volume Buddy to maintain. Volume Buddy automatically raises or lowers incoming audio to meet that level.
  • Works with all plugin types (VST, AU, native Ableton effects).
  • Low CPU usage.
  • A Max for Live plugin for Ableton 10 Suite and Ableton 11 Suite only

Current Version: 2.5.2

  • Fixed a bug causing crashes in Ableton.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.