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Chain Shaper



The cleanest and most intuitive sidechain utility ever made.





Unrivaled Precision and Clarity

Automatic Transient Detection

Multiband Sidechaining

Chain Shaper reinvents the very concept of sidechaining, giving you an unrivaled level of precision and clarity. Sidechain compression causes low level distortion and is inaccurate. Chain Shaper is clean, every time - no clicks, no distortion.

Say goodbye to threshold controls and hello to automatic. Chain Shaper is the only plugin capable of automatically detecting drum transients and using them as a sidechain trigger. No more using dummy clips and "tricks" to get a clean sidechain.

Want to only sidechain the lows? Done. Split the signal into three bands and side chain without any phase shifting. Route up to 6 input channels across three split bands for a simply unmatched level of control over your sound.

  • Automatic transient detection - detects drum hits at any volume without the need for any threshold control.
  • Incredibly accurate audio triggered sidechain
  • Completely customize your sidechain
  • Route up to 6 audio channels for precision ducking in one instance.
  • Transparent multiband splitter to target specific frequency bands for sidechaining.
  • Multi-channel oscilloscope to view how each channel affects the ducking and interacts with each other.
  • Uses only 2.8ms of latency and low CPU.
  • A Max for Live plugin for Ableton 10 Suite and Ableton 11 Suite only

Current Version: 3.1b

  • Route up to 6 audio channels for ducking in one instance. Each channel is treated like its own instance of Chain Shaper, but uses 5x less CPU and latency. All channels can be linked for identical ducking across sounds each with their own dry/wet control, or remain individual for extremely nuanced ducking.
  • Individual sync modes for each band in Multiband Mode.
  • Each of the 6 channels has an individual multiband setting.
  • Multiband mode curves now have individual band settings for each band.
  • Threshold Mode has been replaced with Sustained Mode. It works just like Threshold Mode, but no longer requires a threshold knob. It now automatically detects sustained material similar to automatic transient detection.
  • Undo bugs are completely fixed and general stability has been improved
  • Curve no longer changes when switching between modes