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The world’s most powerful transient shaper.





Simple and powerful

Unrivaled accuracy

Effortlessly sculpt your drums

Transient shapers tend to be needlessly complicated with. We've taken the best parts of transient shaping and simplified the controls without losing any of the complexities.

With full control over the attack and release portions of a sound, you'll spend less time trying to get your drums to sound right - and quickly do it. Carver doesn't change the perceived volume of the sound either. Your drums stay in place in the mix allowing you to move quickly and accurately without volume bias

The most accurate real-time transient detection on the market. Carver can detect sounds at all dynamics with equal accuracy. The built in waveform display shows the detected transient and its defined length in real time as well.

  • Natural sounding transient shaping without changing the perceived volume
  • Quickly define the transient and release length
  • 3 different shaping curve types
  • Transparent input and output clipping
  • Split distortion between the full sound, just the transient, or just the body of the sound
  • Waveform display that clearly shows the defined transient length in real time
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity to pick up more or less transients
  • Incredibly accurate transient detection and capable of detecting very dynamic input material
  • Choose between Stereo, Mid/Side, Mid, Side options for shaping
  • Designed with simplicity and quickness in mind
  • Low CPU usage
  • A Max for Live plugin for Ableton 10 Suite and Ableton 11 Suite only

Current Version: 1.2

  • Fixed a critical bug that would prevent the proper lookahead compensation from initializing in sample rates other than 48000
  • New attack and decay curves; Natural, Punchy and Classic
  • New transparent input clipper and output clipper with anti-aliasing filters to prevent aliasing without oversampling when clipping
  • New distortion mode to choose between distorting the whole input, just the transient or just the body of the sound. Additionally a presence control has been added that acts similar to a transient driven EQ control to subtly boost the high end of a sound
  • Can now choose between processing in Stereo, Mid/Side, Mid, and Side.
  • Transient detection is no longer semi-level dependent, will detect transients at near silence with equal accuracy to full loudness
  • Slight UI and UX updates to make things easier to use and read
  • All control are now midi mappable and automation enabled
  • Major CPU optimizations reducing the overall usage significantly